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The history of Brazil is written in blood.


First there was the invasion of the territory, then the genocide of native peoples, the looting of natural resources, slavery, and thus, the construction of a chaotic society that over 500 years ago got used to living with the ghost of violence.

In 2021 the country recorded more than 40 thousand homicides and in 2022 the prison population already exceeds 700 thousand, even so, it is estimated that up to 70% of homicides committed in Brazil remain unsolved and the culprits go unpunished.


The Discovery of the World is a fiction that is based on real facts, it is a manifesto that aims to achieve a moment of reflection in each spectator.


São Paulo is the chosen setting, the immensity of the metropolis accentuates the melancholy of the five characters, who despite living in the most populous city in Latin America, in the eyes of those who watch, are always alone.


São Paulo is portrayed as an authentic jungle of stones, where the strongest devour the weakest and draws a clear parallel to how Brazilian society fell ill.


The visual aesthetic is loaded and dense, as is the entire film universe.


The chaos of the city contrasts with the harmony of classical music, making it clear that this is a film about contrasts, in its purest form.


This is my first film, it was conceived in one of the darkest moments in Brazil's recent history, where violence is not just explicit, it is an anti-culture, anti-science and anti-life project.


The almost 700 thousand deaths during the pandemic showed the world the government's contempt for life in Brazil, for all this, the theme of this film could not be other than the trivialization of violence.


Finally, The Discovery of the World does not only propose to present the mentioned theme, the work is a direct provocation to all of us, from the moment it generates some reflection on the value of human life.


Aguinaldo Jr.

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